Our next intensive course starts on 16th July 2018. It is important to apply until 27th April 2018.

Why do I have to apply until 27th April 2018?

If you start your intensive course in July, you’ll have your Feststellungsprüfung in November 2018. And in order to participate in that exam, you need to register until the end of April. The exam is organised by the district government. We are happy to help you to register for the FSP.

What do I have to do?

You need the following documents:

  • Secondary School Certificate (certified copy)
  • oficial B2 certificate (certified copy) [Goethe, Testdaf, Telc, DSH I or DSD I]
  • CV (in German)
  • Copy of passport
  • Registration form (we can provide it)

Additionally, you need a good knowledge of science (maths, physics) – keep in mind that the intensive course is only five months and the pace is much faster than in a normal course. More information about the intensive course here!

You can apply with the above mentioned documents until the end of April if you wish to participate in the FSP in November. We can help you with that! You can either visit our office in Bonn with all your documents after having made an appointment with us or in case you live in another country, you can call us or write us an email and we do our best to help you.

Do you have further questions? Please contact us here: info@studienkolleg-altan.de

Apply at our Studienkolleg with all your documents and register yourself for the intensive course until 27th April 2018!

You are in possession of an official B2 certificate and maths and physics are your strenghts? In this case the intensive course is made for you!

Your Studienkolleg & Sprachschule Dr. Altan