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Services - Studium in Deutschland - Studienkolleg Altan, Bonn

Services and support

Starting a new life in a foreign country can be a big challenge. Therefore it is very important to get support from someone, who knows Germany and its legal framework as well as daily life in Germany. We offer you accommodation placement support, visa support and we help you with all public authorities matters. We – Studienkolleg & Sprachschule Dr. Altan – want you to enjoy your time in Germany as much as possible and therefore we are at you side. We want you to feel welcome in our institute as well as in Bonn and in Germany. In the following you can find an overview of our services. An overview of our prices can be found here: Prices.

Regarding our prices: we understand that not everyone is capable of bearing such high amounts of money at once for a course. Therefore we are happy to be able to offer you the possibility to pay your course off in monthly rates. We would like to make a personal appointment with you to discuss the details with you.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – We are very happy to help you! 


You are looking for accommodation in Bonn & surroundings? We offer you three options:

Host family – from 450 € per month: You get a room in a nice family that treats you like a family member. Important: Breakfast is normally included in the price.

Shared flat – from 350 € per month: You live in a shared flat with other students and provide your own food. An easy way to make new friends.

Own flat – from 600 € per month: You live in your own flat and enjoy independence. Prices vary according to size and location.

Are you already sure what option is the best for you or do you need some advice from us? In any case, we are glad to help you with all formalities as for example the rental agreement or the registration at the town hall. We do our best that you either live in the centre or that there is an easy accessibility of the school by train or by bus. That way you can reach our school Studienkolleg & Sprachschule Dr. Altan as well as the city centre in a short time.

University Admission

After having finished your courses at Studienkolleg & Sprachschule Dr. Altan you want to study at a German university, but you don’t know how the application process works? We are glad to assist you!

Together we help you to apply and we check your documents. We can also help you find universities that match your expectations and then send your application.

Do you need help with university admission? Just talk to one of our staff members.

Additional Services

Before your arrival in Germany you need to fill in many documents. We help you organise your stay in Germany, check your documents and prepare you as good as possible in order to make the beginning of your new phase of live easier. Please keep in mind that we need your cooperation – only together we can achieve the best outcome! Please as one of our staff members for help: Contact.

Visa application as well as extension of visa is likely to be a complex matter which requires you to fill in various forms and visit different public authorities. We gladly help you in these matters without charging anything. You just need to be a student at Studienkolleg & Sprachschule Dr. Altan in order to take advantage of our free service.

Health insurance:
We can recommend good and low priced health insurance companies for foreign students. You can get an insurance for only 26 € per month that assures you medical treatment when needed.

Transfer from the airport:
In case you need transfer, we can arrange that for little money.

Bank account
You need a German bank account once you plan to live in Germany. We can explain you the procedure of opening a blocked bank account and we help you in case you have a problem with your account processing.

Mobile phone contracts:
We can help you find a low cost mobile phone contract. Please be aware that a phone contract costs between 5 – 30 € per month.