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Intensive Course

What exactly are our Intensive Courses? And whom are they for?

Intensive Courses at Studienkolleg & Sprachschule Dr. Altan are shortened courses (M, T or W) that are covering all topics in only 5 months (one semester) instead of 10 months. Our Intensive Courses are particularly designed for hard-working students that are capable of passing the Feststellungsprüfung after only one semester.

Furthermore, our Intensive Course gives you the chance to prepare for a second FSP. You have only 16 teaching units per week in the four different subjects. Therefore it is indispensable to have good previous knowledge in all subjects.

  • intensive lectures – focus on the most important FSP contents

  • efficient preparation – through learning in small groups

  • time-saving – course duration only 5 months instead of 10 months

  • You want to learn more about our Intensive Course? Please contact us!

Requirements / Qualification

  • official B2 certifikate (Goethe, Testdaf [3,3,3,3], Telc, DSH I or DSD I)
  • SSC (Secondary School Certificate + Transcript of records)
  • CV (résumé)
  • Copy of passport

You are not sure whether the Intensive Course is the right choice for you? Together we will check your eligibility and give you good advice!

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