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Feststellungsprüfung für ein Studium in Deutschland - Studienkolleg Altan in Bonn


Feststellungsprüfung – or FSP – is the assessment test to determine the eligibility of foreign applicants who want to study in Germany. Our Studienkolleg prepares you for that final examination, which will take place at the district council of NRW.

After you successfully passed the FSP you are eligible to apply for any German university and continue your studies.

Linguistic requirements

To be qualified to take part in the FSP you have to obtain an official German language certificate level B2. One of the following certificates is required and accepted for application:

  • Goethe Zertifikat B2
  • telc B2
  • TestDaF – at least TDN3 in all four proficiencies
  • DSH-1 from an institute with valid HRK registration
  • DSD-1

Foundation courses

Feststellungsprüfung at the district council of NRW is conducted twice a year. Three of the four subjects will be tested in a written examination, the fourth subject will be tested in an oral examination. Depending on your foundation course (M-, T– or W-course) you will be having different examination subjects. Our goal is to ideally prepare you for your FSP, so that you will be passing it successfully and continue your studies in Germany.

Intensive Courses

Our courses are structured to lead you to your FSP, so that you can apply for the next possible semester at a German university. We will register you for your FSP and support and accompany you on your way to your final examination. It is possible to repeat the FSP once. If you once failed the FSP and want to prepare for the next examination,  our Intensive Course is the right choice for you. If you already have pre-knowledge in science and you possess an official C1 certificate in German, the Intensive Course encourages your ambitiousness. We therefore recommend that course for very talented students.